What is Crossfit

CrossFit founded by a former gymnast Greg Glasman, is a principal strength and conditioning program use by many distinguished authorities in the United States including certain US Military units, fire fighting units, police academies, rangers and various elite athletes.

CrossFit is a highly effective fitness regime developed by the founder over several decades & he define fitness in a meaningful, measurable way..." increased work capacity across broad time & modal domain". 

This means the more work you do in less time or the more higher the power output, the more intense the effort.

CrossFit movements are "constantly varied, functional movements perform at high intensity"

So that mean, yes, you will perform nearly everything from what a natural human body can do like jumping,running, rowing, lifting, squating, throwing, flipping, swimming, climbing, pushing, pulling, swinging, cycling, etc. 

These are the core movements of life. We will be combining various elements into making these workouts, like gymnastics, endurance, sprinting, Olympic weightlifting, kettlebell training, rowing and various conditioning & mobility exercises as well.

CrossFit workouts are program into what we call "WOD" (Workout Of the Day), which is where the "constantly varied movements" comes into play.

It literally means that members will perform different workouts everyday from running a 400m to performing a clean & jerk, snatch, doing push ups, dips, pull ups, box jumps, climbing ropes etc. Our specialty is not specializing.

While these workouts are perform at "high intensity" it doesn't necessarily mean that new inexperience members are not able to perform.

This fitness regime welcomes everyone regardless of their age or background as the programs for the WODs are perfectly scalable. This basically means, everyone from an experience CrossFitter to a new member can all share the same platform without being leftout. In our box we offer special introductory classes for beginners called "ON Ramp".

This is where we will teach beginners all the essential movements in CrossFit.

The CrossFit community is also one of the most amazing thing in this sport where everyone is encouraged to support their fellow CrossFitters to the very end.

That can be seen in every CrossFit boxes around the globe where the last man/woman are usually the ones receiving the loudest & biggest cheer from the crowd. Only in CrossFit!!!